The Born ID

KSI: Branding. Stationary.

KSI is a full service interior design studio recognized for its classic, elegant and clean aesthetic. Inspired by how crucial the ‘foundation’ is to a home, KSI offers a fresh and sophisticated approach to creating beautiful homes with a unique identity.

Boutique.    Design.    Livable.    Detail oriented.    Classic.

Architectural.    Fresh.    Historic.    Clean.

Elegant.    Stylish.    Luxurious.

Boutique.    Design.    Livable.

Detail oriented.    Classic.

Architectural.    Fresh.    Historic.

Clean.    Elegant.    Stylish.    Luxurious.

KSI’s aim is to bring authenticity to each project with a luxury approach to make each space cohesive and livable. With an emphasis on form, color, textures and historic references, projects are approached holistically respecting the brief in order to create a fresh proposal for each space.